MVCEA Shout Outs

The Moreno Valley City Employees Association (MVCEA) is the recognized representative of rank-in-file employees of the City of Moreno Valley. MVCEA was established in 1991. MVCEA is the organization selected by employees to negotiate with the City of Moreno Valley over wages, benefits, hours, and conditions of employment for this unit. MVCEA is an independent employees association made up of and run exclusively by City employees. In addition to negotiating the contract (MOU) on wages, benefits, hours, and working conditions, MVCEA assists and represents members with grievances, disciplinary appeals, and worker’s compensation problems.

MVCEA also has an active Political Action Committee (PAC) designed to maintain effective lines of communications between the Association and City elected officials. Included in the PAC program is a comprehensive effort to interview and endorse City Council candidates who will commit to open communications with MVCEA on issues that impact our membership. Over the years the MVCEA PAC support and campaign assistance has assisted many candidates in their election bids. It is important that all members support the PAC effort by paying PAC dues in addition to the regular dues for MVCEA membership. Although we experienced a recent increase, our dues are still lower than other represented groups in the area. This is possible because MVCEA is an independent Association run by the membership exclusively for the benefit of its members.

MVCEA sponsors periodic social functions for members and funds seasonal gift drawings for the membership.

The MVCEA Board of Directors is elected by the membership to two-year terms. Once elected by the membership the MVCEA Board of Directors elects its officers from the eight members of the Board.

To accomplish its goals and to provide the very best service to our members, MVCEA retains professional and legal services through City Employees Associates (CEA).  CEA provides labor relations services to public sector labor unions across Southern California. They represent employees covered under the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act. All of CEA’s clients are public employees who belong to local, independent Associations and Unions.

CEA has extensive experience with public agencies, representing employees, and their organizations since 1988.  They provide staff to independent organizations at affordable rates and do not ask clients to sign long term contracts.  CEA representatives work as the Association’s staff, recommending action and taking direction from the employees Association’s Board of Directors. They provide prompt, professional attention, on site to meet the needs of your organization and membership.

MVCEA members have access to our consultants for advice, consultation, and representation on employer-employee relations matters.  Feel free to contact any MVCEA Board member or our consultants City Employees Associates (CEA) at any time. 

City Employees Associates (CEA)

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